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3 things that made Bobrisky popular in 2021

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There’s a lot of drama and pleasure in the entertainment industry. There’s no denying that TV celebrities will go to great lengths to please their followers and make money. Bobrisky, a well-known crossdresser, is well-known in the country for her controversial behavior. She is most known in Nigeria as the most well-known crossdresser, and she is getting a large following on a daily basis.

The well-known crossdresser was well-known throughout the country. However, she became extremely popular in 2021 as a result of three distinct factors. The following are three factors that increased the popularity of popular crossdresser Bobrisky in 2021:

  • Birthday Celebration

In 2021, Bobrisky’s birthday celebration was the most talked about. To celebrate his 30th birthday, the popular TV actor hosted a massive bash. Famous celebrities showed up at the gathering and showered him with cash. Because of the unusual golden attire worn by the celebrant and visitors, the massive party was extremely flashy and colorful.

. A plastic surgery

Bobrisky revealed his plastic surgery and the effects it will have on his body to the public in 2021. He claims that the plastic surgery will improve his body shape and behind, giving him a more curvaceous appearance. Many fans were startled by Bobrisky’s abrupt change in physical form, which increased his popularity.

Professing his fan ‘love’ openly to singer, Wizkid.

Bobrisky, a well-known crossdresser, has publicly expressed his admiration for Wizkid on social media. He added that he has long admired the popular Nigerian artist but is shy around him. This news went viral for a period, boosting his celebrity in the entertainment business.

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