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James Brown’s sister, Gracious, breaks down after being dumped – (Watch Video)

James Brown’s sister, Gracious Brown, has taken to Instagram to vent her anger after being dumped by her boyfriend.

When she found out that her boyfriend had broken up with her, she was heartbroken and sad, she says. He was taken away from her even though she didn’t post him.

She said,

See guys, I’m pissed right now, I’m heartbroken, I’m down right now. Ahhh, God, I’m heartbroken. Relationships are not easy. Ahh, by the way, I did not post him u guys did not know him still, still, still. Una still collect am. Nawa o I move on like there is no cap. ”

She also said her enemies have taken away her man even when she didn’t post him online but they found him and snatched him away from her.

“My enemies una still collect am upon say I no post am una still go find am, una still go find am still collect am but no problem shaa.” She added.

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