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Will Smith continues to face severe repercussions for his use of violence during this year’s Academy Awards ceremony. When Will Smith slapped Chris Rock during the Oscars ceremony, some speculated that he was committing professional suicide. It appears that another Will Smith film has been shelved for the time being.

According to Deadline, Will Smith’s stand-up comedy series This Joka will not be renewed for a second season on Roku channel. The cancellation of the 2022 Academy Awards, which was apparently unrelated to Smith’s slapping of Chris Rock during that year’s ceremony, marks the latest of the actor’s ventures to be cancelled in the wake of the incident.

Smith was involved in the production of this Joka as an executive producer. Smith was one of the featured comedians, who was joined by other up-and-coming and established stand-up comedians to discuss the art of stand-up comedy. Punkie Johnson, Demi Adejuyigbe, and Baron Vaughn, among others, were also present. It was revealed by Deadline that Roku’s decision to not proceed with the show was made because it was unable to gauge viewership prior to launching it. The streamer was unable to gauge viewership prior to launching the show, according to Deadline.

In the first place, this made the possibility of a second season unlikely. Due to the slap, Smith’s projects have been put on hold, and he no longer has any plans to pursue them. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix is no longer pushing through with the actor’s previously scheduled 2021 stand-up special, and the streaming service has also backed away from Fast and Loose, a feature in which Smith was set to star.

It has also been reported that Smith’s National Geographic nature show may be cancelled, according to Bloomberg. Also facing repercussions from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is Smith. The Board of Governors decided last month to bar him from Academy events for the next ten years. Among those events is the Academy Awards ceremony, which will take place on February 24th. Smith, who was awarded Best Actor for King Richard after slapping Rock, had earlier resigned from his seat as a member of the Academy and apologised to the organisation for his actions.

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