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“Am addicted to s*x toys”_Karen Ajimobi, Nollywood Actress opened up 😮

Karen Ajimobi, a Nollywood entertainment and plus-size model, is one-of-a-kind.

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The content is simple. In an interview with the Saturday Sun, an interpreter revealed why she finds sexual joy in sex toys.

According to the Living With Baami entertainer, she is also apathetic about her choice of men. “I’m spec-less when it comes to males.” Indeed, I admire purposeful individuals, those who pay attention to the smallest details. I like males that smell good and have a great sense of what’s truly humorous, but they should also be good smoochers. I would also not be concerned about dating a much older man. I’m uninterested. Assuming he does it for me, it makes no difference.

On the other hand, men with body or mouth aromas are a mood killer for me. Similarly, he should not show any signs of mental illness or a careless attitude toward specific difficulties; I cannot manage such people. “

Ajimobi also stated that she is not ready for marriage in the near future, but she did give insights about how she supports her sexual coexistence.

Marriage isn’t on my list of priorities for 2022, and I’m not expecting an engagement proposal in any case. For me, sex toys will suffice on those chilly, dreary evenings. I don’t have a favorite sex toy because I’m still looking for sexual fulfillment. I can probably count on one hand the number of men with whom I’ve had sexual relations. I can actually count them on my fingers.”


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