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American rapper 6ix9ine flute over $10 million online – (video)

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American rapper 6ix9ine flute over $10 million online – (video)

6ix9ine is an American rapper that has the vibe of showing of money when it comes to spraying of money he a tag Celebrity for that kind of activities.

For some times now he was off online for a while but he came out that he was just preparing himself to reduce some weight.

Just today he came online to spray some money and after making a collection it sum up to $10 million and fans are like that $10 million is the worth of some Celebrities and he has been able to spray such amount online just to fans tk see his Worth.

He even said some people don’t like him just because of some reason but he doesn’t give a them to it so he is their King when they talk about him.

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