Breaking news:Ohemaa Woyeje has finally resign from Angel FM.

Ohemaa Woyeje

The News Has Arrived Dailynews360 can confirm that Ohemaa Woyeje, an ace broadcast journalist and DJ, has resigned from the Angel Group of Companies’ Broadcasting Network. On her Angel FM broadcast today, the presenter announced her departure. Her last day of work and hosting her show at Angel FM, she claims, is today. She urged her Angel FM listeners to send in messages indicating whether or not she had an impact on them as a result of her broadcast.

This has come as a shock to her admirers and listeners, as no one expected this to happen so quickly. People have begun to inquire about her resignation and want to know why she resigned. It’s unclear whether Ohemaa Woyeje is having problems with her managers or bosses. But, based on her demeanor and the manner in which she delivered the comment, it’s possible she’s opted to step away from the media and concentrate on her business.

Watch the video below.

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