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Chris Brown has been sued for $20M allegedly rapping a lady in a yacht.

Chris Brown, an American singer, has been sued for allegedly rapping a lady on a yacht.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit was filed by Jane Doe, a choreographer, dancer, and singer.

According to her lawyer, she is suing the musician for $20 million.

According to the lawsuit, Brown invited Doe to his house on Miami’s Star Island, which is owned by music mogul P Diddy.

Brown offered Doe a drink while they were aboard a yacht in the region, according to the lawsuit.

After Brown filled her cup a second time, Doe experienced “an abrupt, unexplained change in awareness,” according to the lawsuit.

Chris Brown

The singer then led her to her bedroom, stripped her naked, and raped her.

She claimed that the artist texted her the next morning and requested that she switch to Plan B.

Doe’s attorneys claim she didn’t disclose the crime because she was still in medical school at the time.

Brown has had a string of legal woes in the past, including allegations of rape and sexual assault.

From his legendary assault on Rihanna to being accused of rape while on a trip to France, the pop singer has had his hands full with allegations.


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