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Cross River state women are the finest $Ex givers in Nigeria, actress Ebun Hodo boasts.

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Cross River state women are the finest $Ex givers in Nigeria, actress Ebun Hodo boasts.

Ebun Hodo, a budding actress and fashion entrepreneur, has asserted that women from her state and tribe (Cross River) are the greatest in all spheres of life in Nigeria.

The fair and lovely script interpreter explained her reasoning in a recent interview with the Saturday Sun.

“Ladies from Cross River state are the most attractive in Nigeria,” she boasts. Due to our skin and beauty, we have always been mistaken for Igbo. However, we are the best in every way. We are diligent, decent, kind-hearted, bright, and have excellent cooking talents, which nobody in the other room can match. We are excellent in bed. For me, the most critical element is that my spouse understands the proper location to touch. Hours without riding. Guys, you need to understand that riding a lady for one to five hours is tedious; 30 to 40 minutes is sufficient.”

Hodo Ebun, the CEO of the Hodees clothing company, also indicated that she is capable of marrying for financial gain rather than love.

“I’m still unmarried by choice,” she explained. If admirers are what you’re looking for, I have thousands of them. I’m simply taking my time and hoping for God’s guidance. I can marry for money, I adore money, and if my adoration for money makes me ugly to you, then so be it. It is all up to me. Let us be honest with ourselves: Is it love that you will employ to care for your children and family? If not, there is nothing to discuss here. Money takes precedence over affection. Money turns me on at any time of day or night.”

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