Dani Alves On His “Crazy Dream” Documentary

The series is produced by Maracana Media, which was formed by the Barcelona right-back, and it has the support of FIFA, with various former Brazilian footballers taking part to recount their World Cup experiences.

“We see athletes on the field every day as players, but we want to demonstrate who they are off the field,” executive producer Thiago Slovinski said.

“Cafu and Branco were among the visitors who participated, with some winning and others losing. We wanted to explore what these players could do, some from a winning perspective and some from a losing perspective.”

The goal of Alves’ production company is to portray stories about great athletes from a more personal perspective, focusing on their backstories rather than the renowned individuals.

“Dani enjoys working with the camera, but he’s also a really talented art director,” director Ulisses Neto remarked.

“Dani chooses all of the costumes that are seen and worn in the series. And the end product is always stunning.”

Alves, for his part, detailed his vision and the types of documentaries his business plans to make.

“This producing firm is fantastic,” Alves said.

“It’s a mechanism for giving these athletes opportunity and helping them tell fantastic tales about subjects other than football. We have the athletes’ contacts, we’re creative, and they’ve built and told tales before.

“Outsiders regard us as idols, but we are just like them. We have the same aches and needs. We want to emphasize that everything we do is on time, and that everything we are will last forever.

“I’m really enthusiastic about starting this production company because I think it will inspire other footballers and athletes to be more active in their lives and use the platform to do new things and dream of new things. Don’t limit yourself in any way.”

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