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I was 9 years old and gazed up at the stars and said I’ll blow -James Brown on his rise to prominence

James Brown, a Nigerian content creator and transgender activist, has taken the opportunity to reflect on his life’s journey as he approaches a new decade.

The transvestite resorted to social media to reminisce about his past while posting new images to his page.

James Brown
James Browm

He remembers making a promise to himself as a kid that he would one day “blow.” Then there was the time he was detained at a gay party with others.

In his words ;

It’s my birthday, The Princess of Africa ! I am so greatful to God for all he has done … I know where I started from starting from the day I was arrested but now I am flourishing well because I believe in myself and I’m confident in me … yeah it’s tough and it’s not easy but yes baby girl / boy you will get there just like I did ! I’m proud of me , proud of what I’ve become and proud of the lives I’ve touched … I give God all the glory because I know where I’m coming from … When I was 9 years old I looked at the stars and told myself I’ll blow and look at me now ! It’s been 3 years of fame it’s not been easy but I made it and I’m proud of myself and I’m proud of the fact I’ve touched peoples lives through my foundation @jamesbrownfoundation by helping those in need. There’s soo much more of me to come, royalty moves , watch out !!


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