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“It’s alright to let a lady leave if you can’t offer her what she wants,” David Hundeyin, a journalist, says as he tells his experience.

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“It’s alright to let a lady leave if you can’t offer her what she wants,” David Hundeyin, a journalist, says as he tells his experience.

David Hundeyin, a Nigerian journalist, took to Twitter to relate his own love story with a woman he met at Hull University in England.

David Hundeyin, a journalist, says
He said this in response to a viral story about a young man who asked his fiancée to choose between him and a fully-funded Masters program in another country. Click here to read more.

According to David, in a relationship, love is never enough, and it’s okay for a man to let a woman go if he can’t provide her with what she desires.

Below is a link to his extensive piece.

“I got a woman pregnant 11 years ago, in 2011.” We met during my last year at Hull University, and it was a whirlwind relationship. She was two years my senior and came from the Zimbabwean town of Kwekwe. We were the epitome of the phrase “opposites attract.”

We were so in love that we assumed we’d get married, have two kids and a dog, a charming little house in Market Weighton, and her dream Mini Cooper within six months of meeting in March.

Keep in mind that I was a 21-year-old on a visa with no job or plans. She, on the other hand, was a well-paid certified nurse with a bright career and British citizenship. Because I was still being subsidized by Mom and Dad’s bank, I didn’t notice the gap. It was all about love, and the ferocious purity of the feeling.

The truth is, young men aren’t permitted to “feel” things very often, so when they do, as I did in 2011, it can possess them and render them completely oblivious to everything else.

I was so deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafen

All I had to my name in August was roughly £4,000, my degree certificate, and my strong, burning love for Rachael.

To get work, I should have relocated closer to London or Manchester. Instead, I relocated to Bradford in order to be closer to Rachael.

There is no plan.

I only knew I loved her and she loved me, and that was it. Everything would fall into place. It has to work out in the end. It would, of course, work out.

I’d find a job in Leeds and go to York every other week to see her, and she’d come to Bradford to see me. That is all there is to it.

There was no strategy in place.

Instead of saving money by renting a cheap apartment while I waited for work, I spent the most of my £4,000 on an 8-month premium flat at The Velvet Mill on Lilyceoft Road.

Why? As a result, baby would be at ease when she came to visit. Lover of everything.

Well, it appears that it succeeded in providing comfort, because she took a pregnancy test in the bathroom one day while visiting and found double lines. At the age of 21, I was going to be a father.

Keep in mind that there was still no plan in place. It’s all about love, emotional assurance, and good vibes. There is nothing further to say.

Even in that situation, I had no doubts that everything would work out. We’d keep the child and marry.

It turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy, which means the baby was growing in one of her fallopian tubes rather than in her uterus. The physicians only discovered out after it was too late.

She needed emergency keyhole surgery to remove not only the foetus but her entire right ovary as well.

Her future childbearing ability had been half when she lost her first kid over night. It was all because of a Nigerian man’s strategy of I-Love-You and inshallah.

You can guess what occurred after that.

We stayed on for another year while I tried valiantly to put my life back together, but she was definitely out of it.

She didn’t even try to properly break up with him. In early 2013, I spotted a photo of her with the new guy on Instagram.

This new individual was able to provide the stability and experiences that I couldn’t provide at the time. Egypt vacations, that sort of thing.

They were married within a year, and when I last checked in 2019, they had two boys, a dog, and the precise Mini Cooper she had always wanted.

What is the story’s moral?

It’s perfectly acceptable for a man to let a woman go because you’re simply not at the point in your life where you can give her what she wants or what she can get from someone else.

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