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It’s sheer stupidity for Ghana to be importing food despite our fertile lands – KK Fosu

Ghanaian Highlife legend, KK Fosu christened Kaakyire Kwame Fosu has labelled the act of importing food into the country in the midst of our fertile lands as sheer stupidity.

KK Fosu

Talking about the declining state of agriculture in Ghana, KK Fosu said it’s stupidity for the Minister of Trade to reveal that we used so many dollars in importing food into the country.

He said “When I was a kid my father used to have a big orange farm which when you are walking through you might even get lost but now ask yourself where is agriculture.

“The roads are bad so all the farm produce that we suffer to cultivate has mostly gone waste and we are going very hungry in this country,” he continued.

“But we were told by the Minister of Trade that last year or so we imported so much food into this county with huge sums of dollars and is this not stupidity,” he asked Amansan Krakye in an interview.

“Why do you import food when our lands are more fertile than what exists abroad because our land doesn’t consider snowing it’s fertile every time,” he justified on Cape Coast’s Kastle FM.

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