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James Brown address the issue about her pepito’s jacket [Video]

James Brown address the issue about her pepito’s jacket [Video]

The princess of Nigeria James Brown has come out that the jacket his papito was wearing people were making comments and complaints about her puppy toes jackets but in the video she stated that the jacket was not what she prefers but rather she was convinced by her designer.

She continue to see that at first she never wanted the jacket for his pepito but her designer told her the jacket was one of the most fashion jackets in market so she became convinced then and ask his pepito to wear the jacket for their needs.

According to her she never plan to choose the jacket but her designer pressed on for her to choose such jacket for her date.

In the video She penned

Hello guys I know I posted a video with my papito and the whole world is complaining about his jacket but I want to make it clear that the jacket my papito was wearing was not my choice anyway it was mine designer who chose the jacket for my papito so I blame her for that and I want to tell you guys that from today onwards my designer is fired she will no longer take part in my dressing compliments.

Watch the video below to learn more


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