JOJO WOLLACOTT, the No. 1 GOALKEEPER for the Ghana Black Stars, must be retained. (+PROOF)

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JOJO WOLLACOTT, the No. 1 GOALKEEPER for the Ghana Black Stars, must be retained. (+PROOF)

Joseph JoJo Wollacott, the current first-choice goalkeeper for the Black Stars, has been in excellent form for his club, Swindon Town, which competes in the English League 2 tournament for some time.
JoJo Wollacott has been attacked by a number of Ghanaian Black Stars supporters for his inability to save shots on goal for his country’s national team. Some of these supporters claimed that the Ghanaian goalie did little to help the Black Stars and was also to blame for their elimination from the African Cup of Nations in 2021 as a result of his performance.

Others have even suggested that the first goalkeeper, Wollacott, be replaced or that he not be selected to represent the Black Stars in the future because he performs so poorly when he is in the position.

However, the goalkeeper’s recent performance for his club, Swindon Town, has been great and has improved significantly. Swindon Town will host Scunthorpe United at the County Ground Stadium in Swindon on the 12th of February in the year 2022. At the conclusion of the match, JoJo Wollacott received an 8.8 out of a possible 10 points.

It took just three minutes for his team, Swindon Town, to defeat their opponents 3-0. JoJo Wollacott performed admirably, making seven outstanding stops to preserve a clean sheet. He has six clean sheets in 25 appearances and has made 79 saves for a total of 79.

According to his own personal statistics, the goalie has the talents and credentials to be selected as the first shot stopper for the Black Stars in their upcoming playoffs for the World Cup qualifying matches in March.

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