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Keith Lee and Mia Yim just Got Married(Photos)

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Keith Lee and Mia Yim just Got Married(Photos)

After Tony Khan teased that major free agent signing for next week’s AEW Dynamite, there’s been a lot of speculation regarding where current WWE free agents Keith Lee and Mia Yim will end up now that they’re no longer with WWE. That is possible, but until then, there is still reason to rejoice, since Lee and Yim were married today in a beautiful ceremony. The couple got engaged in February 2021, and now guests at the wedding, including Nixon Newell, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Riddle, Damian Priest, Shane Taylor, and others, have been posting images of the event on social media. Take a look at some of the photographs below, and best wishes to Keith and Mia!

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Newell captured the two during their dance together in a post on her Instagram stories, and it’s likely the photo of the night. However, Benjamin also captured a wonderful shot of the couple right before they cut their cake, and their cake only gets better with closer inspection.

Screenshot 20220206 082332

You can see two tiny figures of Keith and Mia at the top of it, but they aren’t ordinary figures. They appear to be two Star Wars versions of themselves, as Mia wears Stormtrooper armor and a helmet, and Keith wears Darth Vader armor and a helmet. If not, it’s entirely possible that I’m just seeing things, which is entirely plausible if I’m being honest.

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