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Kodak Black tells Will Smith he needs a younger woman. (VIDEO)

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Kodak Black tells Will Smith he needs a younger woman. (VIDEO)

Kodak Black is one of the most controversial rappers in the music industry, and his inflammatory opinions are well-known. However, Yak’s suggestion to Will Smith might not be to hang around with Jada to make sure people keep her name out of their mouths.

Kodak Black has just instructed Will Smith on Instagram live to “Get you a young tenderoni… around 18 years old.” According to the Trump pardoned rapper, the Oscar banned actor needs to go a bit younger.

The “Love & War” rapper opted to offer his thoughts on “The Slap,” in his most recent Instagram excursions, specifically Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s relationship, and has even given the King Richard actor some unpleasant dating advice.

“Go find you some other trash, Will. Man, f*ck that! Go fetch you some more young trash, a young delicate baby… You know what I’m saying? Get you some stuff about 22.”

Yak then dragged Willow Smith into the discussion, suggesting, “and go ahead and adopt you a baby. Go ahead and get you a whole ‘nother daughter. Adopt you one – one who gonna praise you, cherish you, know what I’m saying?” He screamed, “Bitch you gonna be my daughter, daddy’s girl, bitch!” According to XXL Mag, the Florida-born rapper went off on a tangent describing the letter Willow purportedly wrote to Tupac, who was good mates with her mother, when she was just 11 years old during Friday’s live stream.

Kodak made a remark:

The fact that you’ve gotten my daughter to write this ngga Tupac like he’s still alive is really insane. She’ll put the crap in a bottle and muthafckin’ throw that bitch in the water somewhere, and that bitch will eventually find its way to Tupac in Cuba.”

Last week, it was officially revealed that Smith will be barred from participating in any future Academy activities for the next decade, a punishment he accepted and claimed to respect. Keep an eye on Thirsty to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information on the company.

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