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Lil Uzi Vert Changes His Avatar To Vybz Kartel, Says He’ll Bleach His Skin

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Lil Uzi Vert Changes His Avatar To Vybz Kartel, Says He’ll Bleach His Skin

In the United States and Canada, it’s Black History Month, and Philadelphia rapper Lil Uzi Vert has come up with a unique method to kick off the month-long commemoration.

The XO Tour Llif3 rapper, born Symere Bysil Woods, altered his Twitter profile to a photo of Dancehall musician Vybz Kartel before his first tweet of 2022. He then revealed that he is going to bleach his skin.

With a large eye emoji, he tweeted, “Bleaching my skin needs umbrella.”

He then changed his avatar to Michael Jackson, then back to Vybz Kartel, before sending another odd tweet. “Oh yeah, proclaim I don’t know a single person on the planet @ my entire brain has been itching… So please don’t be offended if I reintroduce myself. Thank you very much, signed Boop,” he added.

Uzi is no stranger to Dancehall and, in particular, has demonstrated a passion for the Worl’ Boss when he was photographed celebrating and grooving out to Kartel’s Fever during his birthday last year.

His tweet on bleaching, however, paired with the start of Black History Month, did not sit well with followers, who questioned the timing of his message. One commenter questioned whether Uzi was genuine or just trolling by quoting his tweet.

“In his first tweet of 2022, Lil Uzi Vert announced that he may bleach his skin… “Given that it’s Black History Month and he has Vybz Kartel as his avatar, it’s difficult to determine if he’s trolling or not,” the fan observed.

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