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“Lord of Arena”Davido creates history when the 02 Facility pays tribute to him by renaming the arena The David02.

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“Lord of Arena”Davido creates history when the 02 Facility pays tribute to him by renaming the arena The David02.

For one night only, 02 Arena will be known as David02 Arena in tribute of award-winning musician Davido.

The musician made history last night when the 02 Arena’s organizers honored him in a big manner after selling tickets to the venue’s maximum capacity of 20,000 people.

David02 was the name of the arena that was changed by the board of directors in charge of it from 02 Arena.

This event is being held to commemorate Davido’s return to London, as well as the arrival of his champion sound.

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However, it was only intended to be used for a single night.

Without a question, this is a significant accomplishment for the musician, who has continued to smash records and make history despite the venom directed at him.

Davido is honored with a plaque at Arena. This is David02’s profile on Pinterest.
According to Kemi Filani news, Davido recently expressed his displeasure with the animosity that exists in the music industry as a result of his father’s financial success and cried out.

Earlier today, Davido announced that he had sold out his O2 Arena music event, which will take place on March 5, 2022, just hours before the announcement.

The rapper Davido said in a video that has been making the rounds on the internet that he has had no support for the past seven years, but that people have been hating on him from the beginning of time.

Davido believes that people despise him because of his father’s wealth, and that it is not his fault that his father is financially secure. He also claims that he has worked hard and performed admirably in his job.

As he puts it: “I’ve been fighting for seven years, and no one has supported me; it’s just hatred.” Because of what my papa gets money for, is it my fault that I feel hate from morning to night? Despite my efforts, I am unable to deliver.

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