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Moment a female fan jump on Omah lay on stage whiles performing. (Video)

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Moment a female fan jump on Omah lay on stage whiles performing. (Video)

Celebrities can be friendly and cool but not all can handle some of their fans just because they are too furious just to hold or touch them sometimes the make some of Celebrities feel bad because of their actions.

Omah lay is a kind of musician who us cool and lovely to his fans and even the people he doesn’t know from anywhere he can so cool to them. The young hit maker who has a lot of trending songs with other musicians in different countries like Ghana USA and more.

In Ghana he made a collaboration with on of the youngest and beautiful looking female musician Called Gyakie. They made a remix on Gyakie song Forever which really made a lot to trends world wide.

Just to we were just post by on Instagram and we came across this video which shows a female fan of Omah lay sleeping on him during his performance on stage Omo this was really hard for him but he never reacted he just took it on a low key and move on without his performance.

To make this clear is not all Celebrities that will like to experience this kind of activities or behavior but Omah lay comported himself and took it cool. We say about some Celebrity who did this kind cool behavior I will like to mention Beyonce she also did tjr the same by telling a fan she love him back when the fan said I love. Beyonce own was like a crush where a fan of him drag her from stage and he fall from the stage but after this she didn’t show up any behavior but just went on to perform like nothing happened.

Let watch the video below…

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