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Moment Burna boy make fans go high with his leg moves. (Video)

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Moment Burna boy make fans go high with his leg moves. (Video)

Burna boy is one of the most Entertaining artist when it comes to stage performance cause anytime he gets to the stage he has his own way of making his fans happy.

Just yesterday he join the private jet Celebrities and also storm the airport when he arrived at the airport. Before he went to the airport he announced that he has a show of 20k capacity full and he has already made the sell out two days ago so he is now ready to go and shout to now.

He just had a show and at the show did something extraordinary and fans where amazing and excited about it. The moment he got to the stage he wanted to make his fans feel happy cause he is about to hit them with some new energy. So Immediately he got to the stage he started showing some dance moves with his leg and his fans begin to shout his Burna and they became happy as they sing along with him.

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