My Husband Is Lazy In Bed, I Want Divorce – Woman Begs Court After She Was Caught With Gate-Man

Halima, a mother of one plead with court that, she is dissatisfied with their relationship and has filed for divorce.

Divorce Africawish

According to the report. they’ve been together for three years but claims she was pleased in her marriage at first, but that her spouse changed with time and began cheating on her.

“I saw him making out with one of our house-help one day, and he took me for a fool, stating he was recovering her after she collapsed while working,” she recalls. After firing the maid, Maina lost his job and has been caring for their son since Maina is loitering in the house, according to Halima the wife.

In his defense, the husband reveals that he has been a partner in a hotel business with a friend, where he earns around $5,500 each month.

He also mentioned that he talks to the business during the day and leaves the youngster with the gate-man.

Halima is taken aback since he considers Maina to be ineffective.

Halima, on the other hand, is enthusiastic about getting a divorce because she accuses Maina of being lethargic in bed and failing to satisfy her expectations. Maina is also shown to not be the biological father of the child he had been caring for all this time. As a result, because Halima is the mother, she is given complete custody of the child.

She’s cheating on me with our gate-man but attempting to hide it so she can embarrass me in front of others,’ the spouse continued.

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