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No One Asked you to Go for Another Aimless Slay Queen – Fans Blast Shatta Wale after Crying Over Broken Heart

Fans showed Shatta Wale no mercy after he came out to confess that his recent relationship with Elfreda aka Shatta Freda is over.

Blast Shatta

Shatta Wale wrote long essays in multiple posts on Monday, April 4th 2022 to explain why he’s dumped Freda, although in actual fact no one asked him a thing.

According to Wale, Freda snoops through his phone looking for only God knows what.

Shatta called her an aimless opportunist and many other names in his long-broken heart letter.

“A woman that wants to tell you how to live your life is not  marriage material but a woman that supports all your bullsh*t is the one we call wife,” he ranted.

 “A woman without a vision either stays with family or friends to tell her what to do next…careful when woman say she love you, most of them are liars and fault finders,”

Wale continued to rant and rant about different aspects of his relationship and revealed he would never get married until he’s past 60 years because marriage is a scam.

Shatta revealed in separate posts how Freda snoops in his phone looking for incriminating evidence.

Ghanaians had little sympathy for Wale over his so-called broken heart, considering how he started flaunting Freda and calling her the love of his life after just dating for a short while.

Unlike his peers too, Shatta continues to chase aimless slay queens instead of professional career women like Tracy Sarkcess and Dr Louisa because he wants his freedom.

Those kind of girls are definitely not wife materials but it’s not like Shatta is husband material either so it’s tit for tat!

Check some reactions to Shatta’s rants below…


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