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Nobody Is Feeding Me So Nobody Should Question My Character – Timaya Warns

Singer Timaya has warned that no one should question his character because nobody is feeding him so they have no right to question his character online or anywhere.


Timaya has done things these past few days that have got some people questioning his character and attitude as a celebrity and he has savagely asked them all to stop questioning his character since no one is feeding him.

According to him, he doesn’t have time for anybody since no one is feeding him plus nobody even owes him anything so no one should question his character and allow him to live his life the way he deems fit for himself.

But Daniel Regha seems to disagree with him hence refreshing his mind that no one is above criticism and besides if everyone is free to do whatever they want or please, humanity will be lost forever and that means he can’t do away with criticism.

Daniel Regha is right as to whether you’re a dependent or independent person or whether your life is perfect or not, there’s no way you can do without criticism as that will only take away humanity since everyone will be doing what they please.

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