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Photo’s Maduka’s Girlfriend Who Has Gotten Nigerian Ladies Jealous[Photos]

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Photo’s Maduka’s Girlfriend Who Has Gotten Nigerian Ladies Jealous[Photo]

Maduka Okoye, the Super Eagles goalkeeper, has broken the hearts of many Nigerian women who had high hopes of snagging him after the AFCON.

After Maduka stated in an interview a few days ago that he was single and eager to mingle, the hopes of these females were raised to new heights.

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Maduka obviously lied during the interview for reasons best known to him, as photos of his serious girlfriend have leaked online, making many of the females yearning after him quite jealous.

Maduka Okoye’s girlfriend is a 10/10 in terms of appearance and specifications.

The professional soccer player’s girlfriend is reportedly a Caucasian woman who goes by the handle @jelicia.westhoff on Instagram.

She is a professional model who has worked for some of the world’s most prestigious brands, including Vogue.

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Currently, there is very little information on Jelicia, but we will dig deep to unearth more juicy and mouth-watering insights about her.

Jelicia is a lovely lady, and no male can help but stare at her when they first meet her.

Although many Nigerians lament the fact that they will never be able to have lovely boy Maduka for themselves, he is clinging to the love of his life behind closed doors.

Check out these lovely photographs of Jelicia that are making people’s mouths water.

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