Every man would want his wife to be the best and also have good character. Below are some qualities of a good wife and some qualities that men would like their wives to have.

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1. Spending quality time with her husband. This is one quality of a good wife, a good wife should be able to make out time to spend with her husband despite her busy schedule. Men love women that make out time for their husbands.

2. Respect. This is another quality of a good wife. A good wife should give her husband due respect. No man would want to have a wife who does not respect him. As a wife, you should be able to give your husband his due respect.

3. Caring. A good wife should be caring. You should be able to take care of your husband and also be compassionate. Men love women who are caring.

4. Honesty. Every man would want a wife who is honest. As a woman you should always be honest with your husband. No man would want to have a wife who is not honest and not accountable.

5. Romantic. Men love women who are romantic. As a woman, you should learn how to be romantic to your husband. You should learn how to surprise him with romantic dates and other things just to make him feel loved.

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