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Queen blocked Whitemoney on social media because she couldn’t reach him, according to Whitemoney.

Hazel Onu, also known as Whitemoney, the winner of BBNaija Season 6, has revealed a disagreement with another former housemate, Queen.
During an interview with Ebuka on Sunday’s ‘Rubbing Minds,’ Whitemoney discussed his relationship with Queen.

Queen Blocked him on all social media networks since she couldn’t reach him, he explained.

He insisted that their miscommunication was caused by a lack of communication between them because Queen believed he had blocked her first.

“Queen blocked me, and I haven’t seen her in a long time,” he explained. There was a blunder. She had a problem with one of my fans, so she left a message on my phone for me to call the person to place an order.

“However, I was in the air at the time, and my phone didn’t have internet access, so I couldn’t send her a message.” Queen was even more convinced that I had blocked her after I removed my profile image from the account.

“The incident happened a day after our final discussion last year.” After Queen had blocked me ‘everywhere,’ her buddy detailed the situation to me, and I clarified it. She has my second phone number, but she has yet to contact me.

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