Shan George warns young actresses not to sleep with directors and producers if they want to be famous.

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Shan George warns young actresses not to sleep with directors and producers if they want to be famous.

Shan George, a veteran actress, has spoken out against sleeping with directors and producers in exchange for a shot at stardom.
Shan George advised actresses not to put all of their faith in a single director or producer.

“If I had to give somebody coming into acting now advice, I would warn them not to give yourselves to one director or producer someplace behind the camera,” Shan told Saturday Beats. You can’t get rich by sleeping your way to the top. You’re going to goof up when it’s time to show the world what you’re made of on camera. They will, in fact, drop you like a hot potato on a plate.

“So, read your script thoroughly, attend rehearsals, and be prepared to play the roles you’ve been assigned. I don’t believe the crap about individuals sleeping their way to stardom. When I hear these things, it makes me giggle. How are you going to sleep your way to stardom? What would be your starting point? You’ll simply sleep around to get in front of the camera, but if you can’t deliver, you’ll be tossed aside. In this field, there is no way to sleep your way to the top.”

Even at 51, the fair-skinned actress revealed that she still want to find real love. “I’m still looking for love, please,” she said. I haven’t been saved yet. “I’m still a ‘armed robber’ looking to be courted.”

“I have never really had that kind of experience,” she answered when asked if she had had any bad relationship experiences. I’ve had two marriages. My first husband, who is the father of all of my children, and my second husband’s marriage did not work out for a variety of reasons. There was a gap because he lived in England and I lived in Nigeria. We both went our separate ways as a result of this. There were no resentments. Perhaps when I’m 60, I’ll be able to have the experience I’m looking for.”

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