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Some Came For The Game, Some For The Fame But Only I Came For The VAULTS – Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale is doing a typical Shatta Wale things on the internet presently as contained in a recent update he shared on a Facebook page.

In the fiery post he published, he noted that the industry and stakeholders did not contribute to his rise to superstardom so he does not take into consideration their opinion about him. Ultimately he said some artistes came for the game, some for the fame but only he came for the vaults.

He posted;

“I played my beat

Mixed it

Mastered it

Designed flyer myself

Uploaded it on YouTube and Audiomack

Shared it on Facebook ,IG & Twitter

And you want to tell me what …Hey Mr Man I am working ok ..Don’t be stupid I don’t beg anybody to do anything for me

So far as I know music be spirit ,I will get ppl to love it and sing and also pay me for my services

No fucken body in that fucken industry did shit for me ..IT WAS ME AND MY FANS..They got me richer than your industry boys

Trust me nothing negative you say move but I always use that to make this money I am counting here in America in your fucken face ..

If ano buy houses and cars and these great businesses I have that’s when I will be worried.. You just don’t get it abi lol Some came for the game ,some for the fame but only I SHATTA WALE CAME FOR THE VAULTS MAAAFAKAS

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