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Stone boy: “Nigeria Do not owe any Africa country NO obligation”_ new tweets

Ghanaian musician stone boy has made it clear on a tweets he made on his account that Nigerian and Ghana are the most closest county in Africa so we don’t have anything like fight among us.

Stone boy

He went on to say that when we continue to fight our closest countries development may not be in the country.

The Dancchall artist said peace love and unity is what we are looking for not fight and creating misunderstanding between us.

On his Twitter account he made a tweet which say: I have been gratefully misinterpreted on the thoughts I shared and it sad. Nigeria Do Not owe any Africa country NO obligation. I Trust Ghana and Are the CLOSEST friends in Africa. Nothing can come between Us. May our difference continue to bond us tighter👏🇳🇬🇬🇭♥️

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