Strong 37 prophecies from Prophet Nigel for 2022.

Controversial During his church’s December 31, 2021 watch night session, Ghanaian Prophet Nigel Gaisie issued 37 predictions for the new year 2022.

Prophet Nigel

Amidst Ghana Police Service warnings to pastors about 31st Night prophesies, the unfazed man of God declared the mind of God concerning the new year 2022.
Prophet Nigel Gaisie is the founder of Prophetic Hill Chapel. In a Facebook live video viewed by on his personal Facebook page, the popular prophet predicts that the year will be difficult, with many suicides and famine. He also warns Ghana’s leaders not to deviate from God’s ways in order to avoid God’s wrath.

He also predicted the death of a well-known DJ and a popular journalist. Nigel Gaisie, who gave international predictions, said he saw a lot of flowers at Buckingham Palace and that we should pray for the Queen.

Prophet Nigel then requested prayers for the President of the United States as well as Russia’s health.

Moving on, the renegade Preacher said that he spotted a deputy dressed in a huge man’s shoes.

A complete list of Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s 37 Prophecies for 2022 may be found below:


1. I’m speaking as a God-sent Prophet to the Nations. The Lord told me that I should tell Ghana’s leaders that they need to modify their ways in order to please Him. If they do not repent, His wrath and anger will fall upon them, and His judgment will fall on them and their generation. NB Isaiah 66:15 For behold, the Lord will come in fire, and his chariots will be like a whirlwind, to repay his wrath with fury, and his rebuke with fire.

2. In Umofia, I witnessed a well-known DJ fall.

  • We should pray for Umofia’s journalism association; in my vision, I saw one of the prominent men saying his goodbyes; this man has ties to Umofia’s Central Western.
  • A former CEO will be sentenced to prison.
  • I witnessed serious crises in Nigeria’s northern region.
  • God revealed to me that the world would be led by a woman.
  • I noticed Donald Trump returning to active politics.

Why is Russia crying when the Lord stated we should pray for the health of the American President?

  • The Lord declares that a thick cloud of darkness has descended upon the head of government in Umofia.

-Let’s not go through what the country went through a few years ago.

  • I witnessed incantations and provocations being prepared in the Spirit to cause the large man to fall before his time.

In my dreams, I saw the deputy wearing the huge man’s shoes. It is not divine in any way. Anyone with ears should pay attention.

  • In the Spirit, I’ve seen a new political party emerge from the Asanti region of Umofia… Let’s keep an eye on that area.
  • Let us pray and keep an eye out for internal and external explosive attacks, because you are your brother’s keeper. There are looming clouds of attack on Umofia’s topographical space, therefore they should pray and stay cautious.
  • We must pray against the suicide spirit. Suicide incidents are expected to rise in 2022.
  • The Lord took my spirits, and I saw hunger in my vision. I noticed that the green leaves were drying up. Cows’ milk had dried up.

-I cried when I saw mother’s whale.

  • I saw dads and guys with their teeth adorned.
  • I noticed people who were depressed,

What happened in 1983 was repeated in front of my eyes. Let’s all take a seat.

  • The Lord’s hand rested on me and carried me to the Umofia Election 2024 in the Land of Umofia. Two areas will decide the general elections in 2024. Northern Ghana and Ashanti

Allow the CND to concentrate its efforts in the Northern belt.

I noticed their flag being waved. Green, Red, White, and Black are the four primary colors.

  • When the Lord opened my eyes, I saw the barren bear fruit. This year 2022, saith the Lord, He will honor more barren women.
  • My Spirit was carried by the Lord to a place of people’s assembly, which is closer to a stadium, where there is a systemic satanic agenda to reduce the number of minorities. Let the Minority and their leadership maintain vigilance and vigilance. The Lord told me that I should inform them that they are there to represent His and the people of Umofia’s interests during these difficult times.
  • There is a deliberate attempt, says the Lord, a speaker of the people’s assembly.
  1. There is a deliberate attempt to take his place, says the Lord, a speaker of the people’s assembly. I noticed a red flag on his chair, and everyone in Umofia was sad.
  2. I witnessed a riot in Banjul’s streets, a continuous riot.
  3. The Lord led my spirit to the delegate conference of a political party in Umofia. In 2022, I witnessed fighting and injuries; it was violent and tense.
  4. In my vision registration, I saw, in my vision registration, in my vision registration, in my vision registration, in my vision registration, in my vision registration, in my vision registration, in my vision registration, in my vision registration, in my

There will be a new registration from Umofia’s C.E.

I came across N.I.

A card has been transferred, as well as two additional cards. Let’s stay away from it.

  • I was blind until the Lord opened my eyes.
  1. The Lord took my spirit to Umofia, and I saw an entity whose forehead said Kyeremanteng, and I saw a golden key taken from him, and the Lord said.

This is not His intention.

Sir, if you can quicken yourself as Esua was told, you will not be denied what is yours.

Let us pray for your heart, Sir.

  • I witnessed university closures.

I witnessed numerous strikes, including union strikes.

Strikes Strikes Strikes Strikes Strikes Strikes Strikes Strikes Strikes

  • In one of the West African countries, Saith the Lord, a female running mate.
  1. I witnessed university closures.

I witnessed numerous strikes, including union strikes.

Strikes Strikes Strikes Strikes Strikes Strikes Strikes Strikes Strikes

  • In one of the West African countries, Saith the Lord, a female running mate.

In the following months, Madam, there will be a lot more attacks. Endure.

It will come to a conclusion with acclaim… In the year 2024, I picture you and your employer forming a government.

  • Please pray for South Africa; I witnessed the country crying and in crisis.

Let us pray for England’s monarchy. My eyes were enlightened by the Lord, and I saw many flowers at Buckingham Palace.

Pray for the Queen, please.

  1. The Lord says to the business community, “Remain steadfast in Him.”

Better days are on the way.

  • A Church in Umofia with a large following must pray because the devil wishes to attack it. I witnessed anguish, a catastrophe. I observed two massive leaves fall to the ground. Let us pray for the people in charge. In the Spirit, I didn’t like what I saw. Let us pray for I.c……
  • In my vision, I saw a minister of energy in the land of Umofia being driven in a car. Suddenly, I saw another car parked, one that was more advanced than the previous one, and his position changed to the back seat. It was presidential in character, but I watched the driver of this vehicle from the Northern sector try to make it look like it wasn’t.
  • According to the Lord, a former President of a cocoa-dominated country should simply take good care of himself and not stray from God’s ways, because He is restoring him to power in order to carry out His divine agenda through him in the next general election. He should continue to live and take excellent care of himself.
  • The Lord put me into a deeper sleep, the hand of the Lord fell upon me, and I saw people, particularly teenagers, drowning mysteriously in bodies of water.

Many young people have been initiated and influenced into occultism, and many have drifted away from Christ.

Allow parents to look after their children, and children to listen to their parents.

  • The Lord led me to the administrative capital of the country.
  • I heard a lot of people in my dream saying, “Let’s pray for the Sports ministry.”
  • In the realms of the spirit, I saw Owusu Bempah very happy. In my vision, I saw political chaos in two West African countries.

Let’s say a prayer for Mali.

Let’s keep Cameron in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Let us join hands in prayer for Guinea. Guinea has yet another issue, in my opinion.
  • The Lord told me that I should inform the entire body of Christ, as well as all churches throughout the world, particularly in Ghana. We must be courageous because He is about to transform their misery into joy.
  • I saw something in Nigeria’s senate. I heard Ocola Ocola say that the Lord told me to inform you that Nigeria is waiting for you, but not in the next election. Seek out the Lord’s face. Atiku will be honored by God.
  • In Uganda, another special prosecutor has resigned.

37. A former First Lady will pass on

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