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The Secret To My Successful Marriage Is That Nobody Has Access To My Husband – Actress Chioma Toplis

Popular Nollywood actress, Chioma Toplis has recently disclosed the secret to her successful marriage and how she keeps the media away from her personal life.

Chioma Toplis

Speaking in a recent post on Instagram, Chioma Toplis said the secret to her successful marriage is that she does not let anyone have access to her husband and not even her family members have his phone number.

She said “One thing that I have never done since over two decades of my marriage is let anyone have access to my husband. Even my family don’t have his phone number. And everyone is used to that by now. I will say that is one of the main reason and secrets to my marriage.”

Chioma Toplis spoke further warning celebrities to check people that they keep as close friends and families as they are likely the ones to sell their stories. She also narrated a story of how she kicked out a friend who ratted her to a blogger.

See the actress’s post below


Truly, the public does not know anything about the actress’s husband except the few pieces of information that she intentionally tells the public. As a celebrity, she has tried her best to keep her personal life away from the media.

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