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The son of E-Money complains that his father spends little time with him.[Video]

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The son of E-Money complains that his father spends little time with him.[Video]

In honor of Emeka Okonkwo nicknamed E-40th Money’s birthday, his children have spoken out about their father, who is the CEO and businessman of Five Star Music.

E-Money shared a video of his children conversing, noting that it was one of the gifts that helped to make his birthday a memorable and unique occasion.

“It is good to know that your children have positive things to say about their father even when he is not present,” the Billionaire stated in a statement accompanying the video. All praise is due to the almighty God. This is still my birthday month.”

His children had reportedly banded together to create a birthday movie for their father, which was shot and edited by them.

According to the second born, “E money is a man who goes above and above to care for a member of his family.”

“He would like to follow in his footsteps in the future,” the father stated of the first son.

When asked about their father, the youngest youngster shared some vivid details, adding, “Daddy is constantly on his phone.” He can be nice and compassionate at times, and he can also be angry. If he’s upset with me, he’ll grab his belt and strike me in the face. However, if he becomes enraged with one of those employees, he yells at them.” Others have stated that “Daddy is usually on his phone and rarely spends quality time with his children.”

All of the children agreed on one thing: they aspire to be like their father because “he is caring.”


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