There is no problem with wife sleeping with her brother in-law – Pastor Veronica

Pastor Veronica, the founder and head of the Life of Faith and Prosperity Ministry, has made yet another surprising disclosure.


It is not wrong for a married lady to have s3xual relations with her brother-in-law, according to the controversial female preacher.

Veronica stated that in African culture, your brother-in-law is also your ‘spouse,’ and they share the same blood as your husband, thus having an amorous relationship with him (brother-in-law) is not considered adultery.

She went on to say that cheating is suggested when a woman has an affair with someone who is not from the same family as her spouse.

Pastor Veronica shared the following on social media:

“Your brother-in-law is your husband, and they have the same bloodline. If anything happens and you both have an affair, you have not cheated on your husband since you are their wife, which is why they refer to you as “our wife” in African culture. You have cheated unless you have an affair with an outsider.

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