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(Video) A fire broke out in the South African Parliament House in Cape Town.

According to AFP reporters on the scene, a large fire broke out in the South African parliament complex in Cape Town on Sunday.

At around 0530 GMT, firefighters were called to the structure after big flames and a massive column of smoke were noticed.

“The roof has caught fire, and the National Assembly building is now on fire,” a city emergency services official told AFP, demanding reinforcements.

“The fire is not under control, and there have been reports of cracks in the building’s walls,” he continued.

Images on social media showed a mass of flames licking through what looked to be the roof of one of the legislative buildings, which AFP could not confirm.

There was no indication as to what caused the fire.

The Houses of Parliament in Cape Town are divided into three sections, the first of which was finished in 1884 and is the oldest.

The National Assembly is housed in the newest expansions, which were built in the 1920s and 1980s.

A fire devastated part of The University of Cape Town’s library, which housed a unique collection of African records, in April of last year.

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