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Why I chose Wizkid’s song to open Davido’s event – Dorcas Fapson speaks out

Why I chose Wizkid’s song to open Davido’s event – Dorcas Fapson speaks out

Dorcas Shola Fapson, a Nigerian disc jockey and actress, has spoken out about why she chose to play Wizkid’s song at Davido’s event.

Dorcas came under criticism because she opened Davido’s concert with a song by his arch-rival, Wizkid.

As previously reported, Davido held his highly anticipated 02 Arena Concert on Saturday, March 5th, with Dorcas Fapson serving as the official disc jockey and electrifying the crowds.

In response to the reaction, DSF, as she is affectionately known, stated that she would do the same thing for Wizkid by opening his show with Davido’s song.

She even stated that Dami Duro would serve as her opening act for Starboy’s concert.

DSF remarked that she is unable to open Davido’s concert with his song due to the loss of touch and taste.

As she put it:

“If I were opening Wizkid’s gig, the first song I’d play would be Dami Duro, because that’s what gets crowds going. I cannot open Davido’s act with his song since he will perform the same songs, and therefore the ginger will be lost. When leaving a comment on my page, use common sense”.

She added that it’s acceptable to be a born-again Wizkid and Davido fan.

“It is acceptable to be 30BG & Starboy fc.” YOU WILL NOT DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I assure you! Assist everyone and spread the love!”

Additionally, she wrote in her story:

“Na fans dey foment silly quarrels. Mek una gettattttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Dorcas expressed her frustration about being misunderstood in Nigeria. The Nigerian actress born in London, who has been romantically linked to her colleague Timini Egbuson, said this during a guest appearance on the Tea with Taymesan podcast.


‘I believe that I am misunderstood, not just in Nigeria, but mostly in Nigeria, for a variety of reasons. People are unaware of the type of person I am, being outgoing and vocal. I am a really black-and-white person. If I am content, I am content. If I am depressed, I am depressed. I am not formed; I am not aware of how to be fictitious. I appreciate it when folks are candid with me. I value candor; if I have offended you, please inform me. Avoid smiling with me and ‘yabbing’ me behind. I get the impression that a lot of people do that in Nigeria, and I am not one of them”.

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