Woman who sponsored her wedding speaks after the marriage ended in 120 days

A woman who thought she had found a partner of a lifetime and even went ahead to sponsor her wedding which is UN-traditional has found herself back to square one after the marriage ended in only 4-months.

According to the woman who hails from Kenya and identified as June Katei Reeves, the financial and emotional efforts she injected into her relationship with a man for 9 years plus the marriage came to naught.

In her narration, she bought her wedding ring and even financed their wedding but made it look like he did all the financing.

Speaking in an interview on Lynn Ngugi Show, June said even during the marriage- she was still the one pulling the evil strings- that is she was the breadwinner while the man did nothing.

June recounted how they met at Kenyatta University in 2009 and they immediately began dating and were together for 9 years and married recently.

Watch her sad tale in the video below;

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