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‘You can’t adore Wizkid and Davido at the same time, Ubi Franklin is tackled by the Cubana Chief Priest.

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‘You can’t adore Wizkid and Davido at the same time, Ubi Franklin is tackled by the Cubana Chief Priest.

Cubana Chief Priest, an Instagram personality, has stated that Nigerian music rivals Wizkid and Davido can’t be appreciated equally because they are from different cultures.

Ubi Franklin, a Nigerian music entrepreneur, had turned to the social media app, Twitter, to chastise fans who had stated that he despised Wizkid. Despite popular belief, he visited Wizkid’s 02 Arena performances in London last year to express his admiration for the Starboy and even blogged about his experiences on his Facebook page.

Wizkid and Davido, in his opinion, are not enemies, but rather Nigeria’s ambassadors to the rest of the globe.

On Twitter, he wrote: “For those who think I despise Wizkid lol.
In November 2021, I will attend all three Wizkid concerts at The 02 Arena in Los Angeles.
As a reminder to all of you who follow my page, I blogged the entire concert on my page.
Wizkid and DavidO are not adversaries; rather, they serve as our representatives to the rest of the globe.
“They are part of our lives.”
A commenter, Cubana Chief Priest, who was satisfied with Franklin’s post, took Franklin to task in the comment section, claiming that he explains himself far too much.

He stated that the fact is that Wizkid and Davido cannot be adored in the same manner.

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Cubana Chief Priest statement.

‘Cubana Chief Priest,’ who is well-known for traveling with Davido on private jets, went on to say that he likes the musician even more than Wizkid since he transports him on his private jet.

“You too, please explain!!!” he wrote. The fact is that you can’t love them all equally, na who put you in the plane you think love would come to you.”

While that is going on, earlier reports from Kemi Filani News stated that Davido created history when the 02 Arena in London changed its name to David02 Arena for a night in honor of the artist after he sold out the 20,000-seat venue.

However, it was only intended to be used for a single night.

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