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Yvonne Nelson feed fish at at her island_(Video)

Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson, a popular Ghanaian actress, demonstrated her wealth by filming herself feeding fish at her YN Island with delicious cake.

Yvonne is seen mashing the cake in her hand and shooting it out to the fish in the water in a video obtained by mycitinews.com.

The fishes came out in droves to feast on the delectable cake that had been thrown into the water for them.

“Fishes enjoy cake, too,” Yvonne stated.

The video by Yvonne elicits responses.
Fans have reacted positively to the actress’ video, with some requesting a piece of the cake.

Emefa, for example, expressed an interest in part of the cake:

“Me, I want some ooo,” hope emefa says.

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